The Revenger’s Tragedy


For their first Italian-language production, Cheek by Jowl’s co-Artistic Directors Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod stage Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy at the Piccolo Teatro Milano.

A Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa | ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione co-production.

22 Jan 2019 - 3 Feb 2019

Teatro di Roma (Teatro Argentina), Rome, Italy

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7 Feb 2019 - 8 Feb 2019

Teatro Verdi, Pordenone, Italy

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DirectorDeclan Donnellan
DesignerNick Ormerod
Italian versionStefano Massini
LightingJudith Greenwood, Claudio De Pace
MusicGianluca Misiti
Assistant DirectorFrancesco Bianchi
MovementAlessio Maria Romano

LussuriosoIvan Alovisio
JuniorAlessandro Bandini
JudgeMarco Brinzi
VindiceFausto Cabra
JailerMartin Ilunga Chishimba
SupervacuoChristian Di Filippo
IppolitoRaffaele Esposito
BishopRuggero Franceschini
The Duchess/GrazianaPia Lanciotti
SpurioErrico Liguori
CastiziaMarta Malvestiti
AmbiziosoDavid Meden
The DukeMassimiliano Speziani
DoctorBeatrice Vecchione
‘The Piccolo has achieved an outstanding result, and one at an international level. Donnellan is a magical director and a master of movement and action. The actors embody the absolute fusion of mind and body, full of life and giving life.’ Avvenire
‘Donnellan embraces the language of Theatre in its entirety, a theatre which transcends speech and becomes breath and movement.’ Due Righe
‘Donnellan’s powerful production allows the shadows of Strehler and Ronconi to vanish from the Piccolo.’ Corriere della Sera
‘Delivered with fluidity and ferocious grace’, ‘a clear vision playing with contrasts, highlighting the dark opulence of his multi-personality imagination’, ‘Donnellan knows how to read the classics in the spirit of the times while never constraining them’ La Repubblica
‘Dextrous interweaving of satire and tragedy’, ‘Magnificent direction with exceptional design, lighting, costumes and actors’ Il Giornale
‘Declan Donnellan reveals this lavish, decadent, perverse world in a frenetic astonishing dance.’ La Lettura/Corriere della Sera
‘Donnellan recognises the eternity of feelings and desires, and imbues his actors with extraordinary freedom.’ Cult Week
‘Donnellan has created a production of unusual lightness, a ferocious comedy always surging forward. The Revenger’s tragedy, for all its imagery and elegance, is destined to mature in the imagination and return to haunt us with its elegance, refinement and thoughtfulness.’ Sipario
‘A brilliant production’, ‘Donnellan knows how to play Middleton’s wit in a contemporary key, fresh and with veiled references to our society' Milano Free
‘Donnellan magnificently conveys 17th Century English theatre to a contemporary audience’ Milano Teatri
‘A breath of fresh air for Milanese theatre.’
‘The Revenger’s tragedy is astounding. Go and see it, because in the midst of the cutting irony, you will touch on limits of vice and perversity which only the human race is capable of crossing. Now and as it was then, century after century.’

Masiar Pasquali © Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa